What is Consent and Why is it Important?

‘Consent’ has grown to become an important buzzword in today’s society, with a lot of people questioning what it really means. The idea of consent is mostly applied to sexual assault cases, where the court will decide whether or not a defendant is guilty based on whether their victims have given consent. It’s therefore extremely

The Basics of Traffic Law Everyone Needs to Know

Have you checked the latest data on car accidents? According to recent statistics, over six million vehicular accidents occur annually, three million people sustain injuries, and 90 people on average die in crashes each day. Car accidents aren’t your only worry. You could be pulled over for DUIs, speeding, running a stop sign, broken taillights,

All Immigration Matters You Need to Know

Many people have different purposes for why they are traveling to certain places across the globe. But now that we are in modern times, one of the reasons is for business and leisure purposes, and other family matters. These are the top common reasons why people often travel nowadays. But of course, we cannot deny

How to Write a Simple Will in 5 Easy Steps

The simple truth is, no one likes to think about dying. This is a normal human reaction. Unfortunately, no one gets out of life alive. Regardless of your feelings about the aging or dying process, there comes a time when each person needs to make the necessary preparations for the end of life. This includes

Get the best assistance from lawyers South Yarra

Lawyers provide legal assistance to individuals by representing them or their business in various ways. They also work for government organizations and solve their legal issues and disputes. A lawyer must have the desired qualification i.e., a law degree. They should have passed the state’s written bar exam. An established lawyer can have a good