4 Steps to Getting Hired at a Top Law Firm Quickly

The period immediately after law school is the most important juncture of your career. This is a time when you’ll be making the connections you need to get hired at the best law firm you can. You also want to guarantee that you get set up with an appointment for an interview before they’ve already had time to assess a few hundred other candidates. The only way to fast-track the stage of your career and to assure yourself of results is to get the help you need through these 5 steps to success in the field of law.

1) Recognizing the Importance of a Legal Recruiter

You may have succeeded in gaining entry to one of the country’s best law schools, and even graduated with excellent standing, but wherever you succeed at getting a job placement will determine the future of your entire career. With so much riding on this one moment, you can’t afford to cut corners.

2) Getting in Contact with the Best Headhunters Available

If you’re still under the impression that all you need to do to get hired is to make contacts with law firms, think again. While it’s true that the contacts you’ve made during law school and while articling are just as important as what you’ve learned, your connections are no match for those of a season legal headhunter that has focused their entire career on building an extensive network of contacts.

This is the time to change your agenda from trying to contact law firms yourself, to finding the best middle-man in the business. When you see how legal recruiters can help you by getting your foot in the door at top law firms, helping you to build an outstanding application, and preparing you for interviews catered exactly to specific firms, you’ll know you’ve made the best investment of your career.

3) Perfecting Your Application

Now that you’re on track to getting the help you need to get in touch with the firm of your dreams, you’re going to need to perfect your application. You may have gleaned something about the process of applying to law firms from your professors and colleagues at school, but this limited information will pale in comparison to what you’ll learn about the job market from a legal recruiter.

4) Preparing for the Interview

When you’re trying to get hired on your own, you will prepare for your interview in all of the ways that are generally advised to help you succeed at any job placement. Even if you perfect these skills, they won’t be competition for someone who has been groomed to know exactly what that specific law firm is looking for.

Legal recruiters maintain relationships with the best law firms, so that they’ll know exactly what to do to guarantee you get you hired. When you’re working with someone that they law firm knows and trusts to deliver the absolute best legal graduates, your chances of landing the position will increase dramatically. Contact a legal recruiter today to learn more about how they can fast-track you into the career of you’ve been waiting for.

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