The Importance of Hiring a DUI Attorney

Just because the police officer that arrested you has evidence you may have been drinking and driving, it does not mean you have to throw yourself at the mercy of the court and accept the evidence without inspection. When you hire a local DUI attorney, they are going to carefully analyze every aspect of the arrest and make certain that everything was conducted legally and in a professional manner. The job of your attorney is to simply cast doubt on the prosecution case, something they have decades experience accomplishing. These are a few of the ways a local dui attorney greenville sc professional will make certain that you get the fairest hearing with the best chance to win your case.

Nothing Is as It May Seem

Although it might appear that the evidence in your DUI case is overwhelming, this is not a reason to simply throw yourself on the mercy of the court. The reason that you want to be working with a local DUI lawyer is because they have the skills to analyze all the evidence in the case with a different perspective. By looking at how the officer treated you during the initial stop and whether your rights were upheld, it may reveal the officer did not act accordingly and the evidence must be dismissed.

Banking on the Experience of Your Trial Attorney

Your DUI attorney brings one thing to the table you really cannot put a price on, courtroom experience. Even with the best evidence, your DUI attorney could discover during your trial that the prosecution has a better case than anticipated. By drawing on past experience, your DUI attorney will focus on using the evidence they collected to begin punching small holes in the prosecution case just in an effort to cast a little doubt on your case. Being flexible during the trial allows your lawyer to focus on getting the case dropped to a reckless which carries less harsh penalties.

The Secret Weapon of a DUI Attorney

Your DUI attorney is going to do everything possible on their end to make certain that you are not going to suffer the wrath of the judge at your DUI trial. Although evidence was presented to show that your case should be reduced or dismissed, it doesn’t always play out that way. Your DUI attorney knows they can use their professional relationships with many of the court personnel to plea bargain on your behalf to get the best possible outcome and hopefully significantly reduce the punishment in this case.

The job of your DUI lawyer is to simply poke holes in the prosecution case so that you can either get those hefty charges reduced or the case tossed. The evidence in this case may appear to be overwhelmingly in the favor of the state, but a skilled attorney sees things that many overlook and can instantly change the entire complexity of the case and the way you are impacted moving forward.

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