Areas Where Family Lawyers Can Provide Assistance

Family lawyers in Melbourne deal with law issues that pertain to members of the family. This area of law might include subjects such as divorce, child custody and guardianship, among other things. Mediation is a skill that family lawyers can offer when rifts occur in families. They can also represent members of families in courts where litigation is involved. Below are some more areas where family lawyers in Melbourne can help.


Divorces are highly emotional and taxing for all family members involved. High tempers and other emotions can flare up, making an amicable agreement near impossible. This is where family lawyers in Melbourne can be very useful. They can act as a mediator, encouraging a married couple to take a rational and lawful approach to divorce. When you have family lawyers involved in your divorce, there’s a much greater chance of it being settled in an equitable way without going to court.

Estates and Wills

A will is a legal document that puts on record how a person wishes their worldly belongings and money to be managed when they die. Family lawyers in Melbourne can help you to draft your own will. They can also administer estates according to the will of the deceased.

Child Custody

If you’re facing a divorce or separation, one of the most pressing questions is what will happen to the children? Family lawyers in Melbourne can help separating parents to come to an agreement on how they will meet their children’s needs under their new circumstances. Child custody is controlled by an agreement. Both parents must meet the terms of this agreement in the way they live and interact with their children. Family lawyers can help you to draft or amend a child custody agreement.

Prenuptial Agreements

If you or your partner has significant assets or money and you want to be sure about how they might be divided in the event of a divorce, then a prenuptial agreement might be in order. It’s a contract signed by a couple before they get married or enter into a civil union. The purpose of a prenuptial agreement is to define the terms of spousal support and division of assets should the couple break up. Family lawyers in Melbourne can help with drafting a prenuptial agreement and handling legal matters that occur as a result of such an agreement.

Represent Litigants

While the main aim of a family lawyer is to aid families to resolve matters outside of the courts, sometimes that is not possible. If this is the situation you are in, then you will need family lawyers in Melbourne to help you get a fair hearing. Family lawyers handle family law related cases every day and have the knowledge and experience to handle many issues.


Within family law, there are several common areas where family lawyers in Melbourne can help you get the optimal outcome for your situation. Family lawyers can help in cases of divorce, estates and wills, child custody, prenuptial agreements, and litigation.

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