10 Common types of truck accidents

There is a wide variety of car accidents that might involve trucks. Whether a car or a truck is involved in an accident, a car accident lawyer is needed. The following are some of the most frequent:

  1. Jackknife

A jackknife occurs when a truck driver applies the brakes unexpectedly, causing the vehicle to skid and then fold at an angle of ninety degrees. It’s possible that the weight of the trailer will cause it to move forward or maybe separate from the cabin entirely.

  1. Tire blowout

A blowout in a tire can result in the driver losing control of the vehicle, which can lead to an accident.

  1. Rollover

When a driver loses control of the car while navigating a turn or curve, or when the driver makes quick modifications to the steering in order to avoid colliding with another vehicle or an object, a rollover can occur.

  1. Blind spot

When a truck driver is changing lanes or turning, the potential for an accident increases if the driver cannot see vehicles in the surrounding lanes.

  1. Wide turn

If the driver of a truck or trailer tries to make a wide right turn in order to fit the length of the truck and trailer, it is possible that vehicles that are traveling along the right side of the truck will be crushed.

  1. A head-on collision

Occurs when the front ends of two vehicles that are moving in opposite directions come into contact with one another.

  1. The T-bone

This is a specific kind of accident that frequently takes place when a truck driver runs a red light and collides perpendicularly into another vehicle.

  1. Lost load

Loads that are unbalanced or not properly secured have a greater risk of falling off, which places other motorists and pedestrians in grave danger.

  1. Underride

When a truck comes to an abrupt stop, smaller cars that are approaching it may slide underneath it and become trapped. This phenomenon is known as “underride.”

  1. Rear-end

The term “rear-end” refers to the collision that takes place when a truck collides with the vehicle in front of it.

It’s not always easy to get compensation after a truck collision. It is critical to secure the services of an experienced truck accident lawyer who can guide you through the maze of convoluted legal issues. Nevertheless, it is essential to have a fundamental understanding of a few crucial aspects of personal injury law in cases involving vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents, and truck accidents.

Common damages caused by truck accidents

In a settlement for a truck accident, you may be able to receive compensation for both economic and non-economic damages. These damages are meant to compensate you not only for the costs of your medical care and any other losses you incurred, but also for the anguish and distress that you have experienced as a result of the incident.

When there is more than one party to blame for an incident, the amount of damages that are awarded will be proportional to the degree of responsibility that each of the parties bears. If the defendant in your lawsuit is a state or local government entity, the most money you can get for non-economic damages is $500,000. This is the highest sum you can get.

Wrapping up

Trucks often weigh more and are larger than passenger automobiles. As a result, a truck accident will have a stronger effect and will likely have more severe results.

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