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The key point on which the success of a social enterprise depends is the staff, because in small organizations with a social mission and an internal value system, the success of teamwork depends on the responsiveness and responsibility of each. Therefore, it is so important to choose a qualified team. Let’s talk in the continuation of a series of articles on the construction of a social enterprise.

If you choose the wrong person, some resources will be wasted, and you will have to spend money again on recruiting and training a new employee. To save time and effort, you can contact the recruitment agency or employment center, but in the end, you still have to hold interviews with each candidate. What to pay attention to?

Make an accurate portrait and do not rush to choose

Before looking for an employee, draw his image in your head. Then transfer this image to specific job requirements. What is this man to do? A clearly described job will help you quickly find the right people.

Do not be afraid to spend time looking for the right employee. It is better to linger a little at the start than to stumble all the way. You can search for a suitable candidate not only through recruitment agencies and announcements, but also with the help of acquaintances, on the Internet, in other companies. The choice of a search channel directly depends on the required specialization, qualifications and work experience. Experts live in their professional environment – and there they must be sought. At the same time, an employee without work experience can be found in universities among senior students.

Do not invite ex

Often, in the opening of a private boarding house for the elderly or non-state kindergarten, they try to attract former employees of the same public institutions. After all, they already have experience, knowledge and skills. However, this approach is not always justified. A person, who has worked for many years in the “state-owned” coordinate system, with a leveling approach, can be difficult to change to individual work with each client. Although, of course, there are exceptions. You can make a visit to for the best results now.

Interview with the candidate

Usually, before you take someone to work – even if not very qualified, they interview you. The interview should not go on – it is worthwhile to prepare in advance the questions that you are going to ask the candidate. As a rule, questions relate to the knowledge of the specifics of the work, the availability of the necessary experience and personal qualities. It is necessary to clearly define the rules of the meeting and offer a plan of conversation. In addition to the above-mentioned topics, it is worth asking in more detail about the previous place of work and expectations of a new one.

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