Essential Steps to Take After Being Arrested

There’s no denying that being taken into police custody can be a harrowing experience. In the immediate aftermath of an arrest, many people feel panicked, stressed out and overcome with despair. While it’s important not to understate the seriousness of the situation, there are numerous steps people can take to make the process less frightening. The more proactive you are in the wake of an arrest, the greater your odds are of getting home in a timely manner. The next time you find yourself in police custody, think back on the following pointers.

Don’t Make Things Worse

It isn’t hard to understand why so many people experience intense feelings of anger and frustration when being placed under arrest. However, regardless of your personal feelings on the matter, it’s imperative that you maintain a respectful and non-combative tone when dealing with law enforcement officials. Resisting arrest or assaulting an officer can instantly make a bad situation exponentially worse, so it’s in the best interest of everyone involved that you keep your emotions in check. Furthermore, if an officer feels threatened by your actions, your personal safety may be at risk. Tensions run high during arrests, but if you’re able to keep it together, you can avoid throwing things into complete chaos.

Make Sure People Know Where You Are

Letting people know you’ve been arrested can be embarrassing, especially if you’re afraid of disappointing certain friends or family members. While being afraid of bringing your situation to the attention of loved ones is understandable, there are numerous reasons to make them aware of what’s happened. For starters, they’ll at least know where you are, which is sure to save them a great deal of worry. Even if they’re angry or disappointed, knowing you’re okay will come as a huge relief. Secondly, this will enable them to begin gathering your bail money or seeking out bail bonds. The longer you keep your situation a secret, the longer you’ll be sitting in jail. Being in jail may be scary, but no one knowing you’re in jail can make the experience considerably scarier.

Secure an Attorney

After being arrested, many people feel an overwhelming desire to make their story known. This is particularly true for individuals who believe they were wrongfully arrested. While there’s nothing wrong with sharing your version of events with law enforcement, it’s generally a good idea to do so with a lawyer present. A good attorney will work to protect your rights and help prevent you from inadvertently incriminating yourself when talking to police. Since you have the right to an attorney, there’s no sense in not using it.

No matter how tough or emotionally resilient you are, it’s only natural to feel scared in the wake of an arrest. However, this isn’t to say that you should allow yourself to give in to despair or adopt an inactive approach to the problem at hand. Putting the previously discussed tips to good use can help you get a handle on the situation and set the stage for your release.

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