How to Write a Simple Will in 5 Easy Steps

The simple truth is, no one likes to think about dying. This is a normal human reaction. Unfortunately, no one gets out of life alive.

Regardless of your feelings about the aging or dying process, there comes a time when each person needs to make the necessary preparations for the end of life. This includes writing a will. If you’ve been putting this off, you’ve come to the right place for advice.

This article takes a look at how to write a simple will so that your legal affairs will be in order when the end comes. Keep reading to discover how to hire a will lawyer to make sure you are legally protected.

  1. Use Do-It-Yourself Software

Your first option is to purchase will-making software that allows you to complete the process on your own. This is a quick way to create a will without spending hiring a will and trust lawyer.

There are several good software programs you can purchase that will lead you through the steps. Just keep in mind that there’s still some risk of missing important details, failing to account for the proper taxes, or making some other type of error. So even if you decide to go the software route, you’d be wise to pay an attorney to look over the final document.

  1. Hire a Financial Advisor

Next, you’d be wise to speak to an experienced financial advisor. This is a financial planning professional who can help you be smart about tax implications and keep the details of your will totally legal.

A good financial advisor will also help you avoid pitfalls that you end up costing your beneficiaries a tremendous amount of money in taxes once your will is executed.

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  1. Select Your Beneficiaries and Choose Your Executor

Now it’s time to select the people who will be the recipients of your property, money, and any additional financial resources. This can include absolutely anyone, just remember that it’s important to be as specific as possible in order to avoid confusion.

You’ll also need to choose the individual who you wish to execute the will. The key is to choose a responsible person who will carry out your will precisely according to your wishes.

  1. Select a Guardian for Your Children

Do you have young children? If so, you’ll want to name someone to become their legal guardian in the event that you die while they are still living at home. Ideally, the guardian should be a member of the family or a close personal friend.

  1. Update Your Will Frequently

Once you’ve completed your will, it’s important to keep it updated. After all, your finances will likely change over the years, and you might change your mind about who gets what.

A Complete Guide On How to Write a Simple Will

Planning for the end can provide peace of mind while you’re alive. Fortunately, these tips for how to write a simple will can remove most of the stress from the process.

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