Slip and Fall Tips During Winter Weather

Every winter brings icy conditions to much of the country and these conditions can make it easy to suffer from a slip and fall. So, what do you do when you have been injured in a slip and fall this winter?

From snow to ice and sleet and rain, all of these things make any surface slippery. Add that to the rush of the holiday season and slip and falls are bound to happen. They can happen in front of a store, a home, or even in a parking lot at a park. No matter where the slip and fall happened, make sure you are following the proper steps to ensure a successful claim to help pay for your injuries.

Receive Medical Attention

Of course, the first thing you should do after suffering from a slip and fall is to receive medical attention right away. There are many injuries you can sustain from a slip and fall including head injuries, spinal injuries, broken bones, bruises, cuts, concussions, and internal injuries.

Document all of your injuries from photos to medical records. These will be used as evidence in your claim.

Report the Incident

After you treat any immediate injuries, report the incident to the property owner. Depending on where the slip and fall occurred, it could be the store manager or building owner.

It is the responsibility of the property owner to take all needed precautions to keep their property safe and this includes slippery floors from winter weather conditions.

All of the details of the incident should be written in a detailed report along with photographs of the area. Details include the time of the slip and fall, the date, the location, and specifics surrounding what was going on before and during the slip and fall. Also, make sure any witnesses give their statements.

Speak with a Lawyer

Whenever you are involved in a slip and fall you should always meet with an accident lawyer in Philadelphia. A claim will need to be filed so that you can receive damages to help pay for your medical bills.

If the property owner is found to be negligent in keeping their property safe, you will have a very strong claim on your hands.

A personal injury lawyer will keep all important documents in place, contact insurance companies, and negotiate with the other party. This will help you stay focused on healing from your slip and fall.

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