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Family law constitutes legal proceedings that define how a family relates. These practices include divorce, spousal support, child custody, child support, paternity, and child adoption to mention a few. We sometimes fall victims of such circumstances and would want to have an attorney to resolve our issues and restore our families. Finding a family law lawyer who understands the processes well will be a good start for the safety of your relationship. Interpretation of the law may vary with the state, but we are going to have a case study of the State of California where we will talk about the Sam Walker Law Office which one of the best Family Law firm in the state.

About Sam Walker Law Offices

The Sam Walker law firm’s offices are located at 120 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92660. This firm specializes in various fields of the law that comprises the Family Law, Estate Planning, Civil Litigation, and Appeals. Orange County and Los Angeles are the regions served by this professional institution. Experienced gained by the law experts in this organization has made the company successful through a satisfactory resolution of matters of their clients from the different fields we have mentioned above.

The Family Law role

Family law is a broad field in statute involving several matters that are sometimes too sensitive to handle, but through the longtime experience, the Sam Walker handles all these matters. Through an hourly fee basis, this firm offers its services to the clients for consultation or representation in a case. Cases dealt with by the firm include Divorce, Name Changes, Child Support, Child Custody, Grandparent’s visitation, Property divisions, Business valuations, Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements, Spousal Support, Modification of Child Custody and Support and Move Away Orders.

Divorce overview

Divorce matters are not easy to handle because of the stress build-up that usually is associated with the proceedings, but sometimes you cannot avoid it due to problems caused by the situation-at-hand. Sam Walker is an experienced family law expert who will help you out whenever tragedy strikes through professional representation in a court case. Regions served are the Orange County and Los Angeles which is just within your neighborhood and is a central point accessible by most clients. Every client receives a free 15-minute telephone consultation with the lawyer.

Uncontested and Contested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is whereby both parties that are disputing agree on the matters to be dealt with, e.g., Child support, the division of property, child custody or spousal support. For this case, things owned after marriage are considered community property whereas those held before are considered private. For a contested divorce, there must be a hearing in the court. This process is complicated though and usually is done for advanced cases such as child support, the division of property, spousal support and child custody.    

Terms of Service

Needs vary with individuals and thus, Sam Walker offers tailored services that fit your situations. We understand that in The Los Angeles and Orange Counties, divorce can proceed with or without contested litigations. However, regardless of the type of separation you are looking for within the two states, Sam Walker will handle the process for you because they know about it. There is no standard procedure for doing this, but after you present your problem to them, then they will advise you according to the laws of the counties.

The Law and Practice

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