What Do You Need to Know about Jury Selection?

Some people reading this might never have been called for jury duty before. Being called to serve is an honor. Some people might not think so, but it really is. Here are some things you need to know about jury selection los angeles ca if this is your first time in doing so.

If you have gotten a summons to appear for jury duty, you have to appear. If you fail to go on the assigned date, you could be put in jail. This is your civil right. They should have a number for you to call if you have any questions. Due to the amount of cases where a person who is being tried might settle or take a plea deal, many times you have to call the night before. There is a good chance you might not have to appear.

When you go, there is a certain way you should act and dress. You need to wear dress clothes when you appear for jury duty. If you aren’t too sure what this looks like, then call and ask what would be suggested for you.

Even though you are selected to appear, it doesn’t mean they are going to choose you. There are 12 jurors so 12 people are selected. Once you are selected, they will ask if anyone knows the person who is being tried. They do this so the person on trial has a fair one at that. If you know the person, they will excuse you. Many are sent a form they have to fill out before they are summoned. These will ask questions based upon the case. This allows the defendants and the prosecutors who are choosing the jury to choose wisely.

The typical question everyone has is how long this is going to take them. That’s a good question. it could take just a few hours or even a few days. It all depends on the type of case you have been assigned to sit on jury duty for. There are still a few more things you should know about this honor.

When you go, sometimes meals might be paid for, but may not be. It’s wise to ensure you have money should you have to pay for your meals. Your work has to give you the time off for jury selection. Even if you are called for jury duty and you are a college student, if you must appear, this is an excused absence. Most companies pay you when you have jury duty. You do get paid mileage when you drive for jury duty as a way for them to thank you for your time.

Once you have served, you are done for at least a year. When they say once you have served, this means when you have sat in the seat and listened to all accounts. This does not mean when you show up and are not chosen.

It might seem scary being called to do this. They will tell you everything you need to know. Be professional and prompt.

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