4 Questions to Ask a Potential Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Pennsylvania

Workers sickened or injured while in the line of duty have the decision to make on how to pursue workers’ comp claims. If retaining an attorney is one of them, the first consultation will help you choose who is going to guide you through every step of the way.

Typically, consultations last from 20 to 40 minutes. Regardless of how long the first consultation goes, time will fly by, making it important that you spend it well. This is why it is best to put down the following questions to ask potential workers’ comp attorneys in Pennsylvania.

1.     What is Your Success Rate?

You don’t have to spend hours grilling potential lawyers about their past failures and success. However, you would want to get a sense of their success in settling workers’ comp cases.

A good Pennsylvania workers’ compensation lawyer already expects this kind of question. So if you ask, it is a sign that they share a significant percentage when it comes to their success.

Although there are no wrong or right answers, there is no doubt that a high success rate indicates capability and performance.

If you realize that your lawyer acts evasively or thinks they can embellish their achievements, these might be red flags you keep in your mind as you ask other questions.

2.     Are There Chances That My Case Can Be Denied?

Workers’ compensation benefits serve as the lifeline to everyone dealing with workplace injuries. And denial of those benefits is a terrifying thought.

But it is unfortunate that neither you nor your boss will be able to control whether your workers’ compensation can be accepted. Although this decision entirely rests with the workers’ comp insurer, there are steps you may take to have your claim accepted:

  • Hire the right workers’ compensation attorney to advocate your rights.
  • Prevent injuries by following the right safety measures and protocols.
  • Be specific and consistent when recounting how you sustained your injuries.
  • Follow the doctor’s orders concerning lifestyle changes, restrictions, and treatment.

3.     What is Your Experience?

Some lawyers practice different areas of the law, whereas others concentrate on just a few practice areas. For example, when it comes to workers’ compensation, most attorneys and law firms deal with other forms of disability or personal injury cases.

As a potential client, you want to have a sense of how experienced an attorney is and how much of their practice is devoted to dealing with workers’ comp cases.

4.     Do I Need to Pay Upfront?

Like other places, Pennsylvania workers’ comp attorneys don’t need upfront payments. Instead, they work for a percentage of your total compensation amount. You won’t pay an attorney if you don’t get compensation or win your workers’ comp case.

When faced with a workers’ compensation case that can damage your finances, you have to be certain of the costs. Every lawyer is created differently. This is why it is best to ask about what payment is going to be made and how much to expect.

Final Say!

Suffering injuries at your workplace can be traumatic, expensive and put finances as well as a livelihood at great risk. This is why looking for a good attorney who will ascertain that you get the benefits you deserve is advisable.

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