How To Know If You Need Divorce Mediation or A Divorce Lawyer

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When a married couple decides that they are going to get a divorce, the uncertainties that arise from the decision can seem overwhelming. There are many factors that change when a couple decides on a divorce. Finances must be discussed, belongings must be allocated, and custody of any children must be agreed upon. These are all things that can cause stress and further strain between spouses. This strain can get even worse when the couple takes into account the added cost of a divorce trial, paying a lawyer, and the time it takes to go to court.

These stresses and costs can be reduced if the couple decides to utilize divorce mediation rather than hiring a divorce lawyer. Divorce mediation involves the divorcing couple meeting with a specially trained, neutral third party to discuss and resolve common issues that arise during a divorce. The professional mediator should be trained in conflict resolution, and will help to keep the mediation discussions on track. A successful mediator will be able to reduce any finger pointing or drama that is common for couples when discussing divorce proceedings. A mediator may also meet with any children involved in the divorce, to help the couple agree on terms for custody or child support payments. Divorce mediation is not the only option for divorcing couples, however.

Some couples choose to hire divorce attorneys. Couples who decide to go this route will need to go to court, and leave the outcomes of the divorce up to a judge. Hiring a divorce lawyer is a better option for spouses who have experienced domestic abuse, or who can not come to an agreement on custody or visitation rights for any children that the couple may have. Divorce lawyers can be expensive, and the spouses should prepare for the divorce proceedings to take much longer than divorce mediation.

Typically, divorce mediation is a much quicker, and less expensive option than hiring divorce lawyers. Divorce mediation usually takes anywhere between 4 and 10 sessions for the couple to come to terms regarding the divorce. The amount of mediation sessions that are required can vary due to how much, if any communication there is between spouses, and how many things have been agreed upon prior to hiring the mediator. When a divorcing couple decides to go the route of divorce mediation, rather than hiring a divorce lawyer, couples should generally be on the same page, and have a goal of obtaining the divorce with as little conflict as possible.

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