Can Debt Collection Agency Obtain Your SSN?

Can Debt Collection Agency Obtain Your SSN?

The Social Security Number, popularly known as SSN, is one of the important bits of information related to identification of a consumer. A consumer’s SSN may be the most important piece of information that an individual has for themselves. Even if you try hard to hide your SSN, your debt collection agency may still obtain it along with other relevant financial information. In fact, this kind of agency may collect SSNs aspart of its effort to collect the money. The main purpose of debt collection agency is to gather debt from the consumer in best possible way. You should never forget it at any point of time. Whether this agency works in collaboration with your original creditor or purchases account to collect it independently, it is vital to remember that your original creditor offers the necessary information about you to this kind of agency in order to facilitate debt collection procedure in best possible way. If original creditor knows your Social Security number then the creditor can give that particular information to it along with other relevant details that it possesses about you. For valuable suggestion, you can seek the help of a qualified consumer attorney. However there are examples when some consumers develop the misconception that the debt collection agency already has their SSN with them. However the scenario is not what it appears in reality. In fact, this type of collector may claim to know the Social Security Number with the purpose ofcompellingthe consumerto give up information voluntarily. As a rule of thumb, a consumer should not provide their social security number to anyone calling them. Even disclosing just the last four digits of your SSN can work against you. Any such collector that is calling to collect it should not need to obtain that information from the consumer. Instead, they can provide the information in their computer system for the consumer to verify. Without knowing the true identity of the company that is calling, and certainly if the consumer has never received anything in the mail to confirm the debt collector’s involvement: a consumer should never provide their SSN or date of birth over the telephone. There are a few such collection agencies that usually send form letters to the debtors to verify information in order to acquire your missing Social Security numbers. If you consult a FDCPA attorney there is possibility that you will be able to get valuable suggestions in this matter. There are instances when these agencies actually have the SSN of the consumers who actually do not owe it legitimately. In fact it is considered to be a common instance of identity theft. If such kind of theft occurs, the alleged person steals the personal information of the consumer in order to apply for credit in victim’s name. In fact, that person uses SSN of the victim when he applies for fraudulent account. This unpaid money is then sent to the agency along with the victim’s Social Security Number. Victims of identity theft should file a police report as soon as possible and follow up with a consumer rights attorney for more valuable information on how to protect yourself from this kind of scenario.

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