Proper Legal Protection Saves Businesses

Any number of calamities can strike a business without warning. A partner can decide to violate his or her agreement and switch to a new firm, a customer could slip on a wet floor and sustain a serious injury, or another company could sue claiming a contract infringement. These are but a few examples of the types of danger that a business could encounter daily. Any of these examples could bankrupt a business that is not prepared with appropriate legal protection. In the example of the injured customer, the business could be sued for hundreds of dollars in legal bills that may exceed their insurance policy coverage, such cases can easily and quickly bankrupt a business. This is why it is crucially important to establish a relationship with a skilled business attorney early in the life of a business. This way when disaster strikes legal help will only be a phone call away.

There are several Dallas business lawyers available to protect businesses in any number of situations. Often the business should have already placed the attorney on retainer if an issue occurs so that it can be dealt with immediately. There are many cases that need to be dealt with almost immediately. For example, if a former employee decided to sue the business for discrimination, inaction could be catastrophic. A lawsuit must be answered quickly and defended vigorously. If the business were to neglect retaining legal counsel until the last-minute valuable time will have passed and it may be more difficult to launch a successful defense. If the former employee is successful in a discrimination claim it is possible that the business could be forced to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars. Furthermore, a discrimination case may bring bad press against the company that could hurt overall revenue. Having a skilled attorney fighting the claim will hopefully reduce the bad press generated against the business by the suit.

Contract disputes also have the potential to cause serious trouble for businesses. Even the most elegantly drafted contract may result in a dispute that must be settled in court. A business attorney should either draft or review important contracts to reduce the possibility that a dispute may erupt necessitating litigation. However, because it is impossible to control the actions of the other party to the agreement it may be necessary to sue the other party to the contract for breech. In such circumstances the attorney or firm that drafted the contract in the first places would have an advantage in launching litigation based on that contract. They will be familiar with the facts of the case and the terms of the contract and should be able to deal with case efficiently. Having attorneys ready to fight for the rights of the business at a moment’s notice can make the difference between the business remaining open for years or closing due to unforeseen circumstances. Realizing that an attorney will become a necessary part of doing business is an important step to protecting the business.

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