What Happens After You’re Arrested for DUI?

Drinking under the influence is against the law. Traffic police will pull you over if they have suspicions of you driving while drunk. They will stop you if you change lanes unexpectedly, run the traffic lights, swerve, or do other traffic offenses. The officer will request your driving license and registration while asking you questions depending on their reason for stopping you. If they see signs of intoxication, they may need you to take tests and search your vehicle to confirm the suspicions. They will record them on their report and arrest you for DUI.

Being in the police vehicle as they take you to the station for booking can be depressing if t is the first time facing the charges. Sometimes they will release you after paying bail and someone to drive you home. On the other hand, the police will remand you for the night and prosecute you in court. The judge will make the ruling if you can go home. Most people do not know what to do once arrested for DUI. Here is what happens and what you need to do;

Call an Attorney

After an arrest, the police will allow you to make a phone call while in jail. You should call a lawyer who can help you beat a DUI in Clevland. If you do not have any on speed dial, you can call someone you trust to assist you in getting one. A legal professional specializing in drunk driving cases knows the law and can argue your case in court to avoid having a bad criminal record.

Your lawyer will seek your immediate release by the police. Since you will need to go through the court hearings to get a judgment on your case, it is best to have an experienced attorney help your case.

Case Hearing

The police will give you a ticket after arresting you, which will have the date to appear in court for your case hearing. Your lawyer will support you through the process as they seek to beat the charges. If you deny the charges, the prosecutor will produce evidence to back their arguments. It may include footage taken during the arrest and the sobriety test results.


Every DUI case is different, and the sentencing depends on various factors. Some of the common sentences are;

  • License revocation: The judge may suspend your license and bar you from driving even if it is your first offense. In some jurisdictions, the police can revoke your licenses if you refuse to take the sobriety tests.
  • Fines: It is a penalty you will pay after conviction of drunk driving offenses. The law stipulates the amount to pay as fines. Still, other factors can cause you to pay more, depending on the violations ad ruling.
  • Probation: a judge can sentence you to probation which happens for a period of time. You may need to pay the cost to administer the judgment.
  • Jail: Frequent DUI violations will land you jail time. Also, you can get a similar sentence for a first-time offense, but it lasts a few days.

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