7 Important Steps To Take After a Car Accident Occurs

Vehicle accidents happen every day, but they don’t occur to you. When one does, there are seven important steps you can take to make sure you cover yourself, but also help protect the safety of your passengers.

Move To Safety

Whether you need a car accident lawyer in St. Petersburg Florida or not, make sure you move your car out of traffic and into a safe area. Once you are in a secure area, get out of the car and check to see what damage occurred to the vehicles.

Look For Injuries

If you or your passengers are injured, call for help immediately. If you Seat Ibiza Personal Lease are unable to locate your phone or are seriously injured, ask a bystander to help you seek assistance from medical personnel. Remember, don’t move anyone that is injured – including yourself.

Call For Help

The next step is to contact the police office and ask for someone to be sent out. In some states, it is the law for victims and vehicles to wait at the scene until an office can arrive to document the site. Make sure you get an accident claim number and a copy of your police report for your insurance company.

Take Some Pictures

Document the scene of the accident, the condition of both vehicles, and video the other driver and passengers if possible. This can be valuable information for your attorney. If feasible, get the names and phone numbers of witnesses to the accident.

Exchange Vital Information

Take photographs of the other party’s drivers license, insurance information, and any other documents he or she provides. Make sure you identify the vehicle they were driving and who it was that was driving.

Contact An Attorney

Whether it was a serious accident or a Seat Ibiza Used Cars minor fender bender, contact an attorney to see how to handle the medical bills, repairs to your vehicle, or any other problems that may arise.

Contact Your Insurance

Notify your insurance company of the accident as soon as possible and request information on what the company needs to process the claim. If you have an attorney at this point, he or she can often take on this task and deal with the insurance representatives for you.

Use the above steps to help you identify what you need to do after a vehicle accident. You may feel frazzled, of you may be injured, but if you know what information you should gather, you can help protect yourself and your passengers.

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