Personal injury lawyers: when to sue for public falls

Thousands of people are injured each year in traffic accidents, slips or falls, which can lead to various painful, costly and debilitating injuries. Other more serious injuries would be broken bones, paralysis, spinal cord or brain injuries, head trauma and even internal bleeding.

Each of these injuries can lead to permanent disability and even more serious psychological damage. In addition to this, there are the concerns about getting the expenses of the home, medicines and an endless number of additional things.

Obviously, such injuries will require immediate medical assistance, a process that can be costly with long-term treatment. In addition to this, accident victims sometimes suffer injuries that prevent them (for life) from making a living from work.

Help for personal injury cases

Victims injured in a fall, animal bite, or slip accident suffer from terrible symptoms both physically and emotionally, so they don’t deserve the added stress of worrying about money and finances.

Fortunately, personal injury laws authorize victims of these types of incidents to seek negligence compensation for their injuries, which must be paid by the defendant.

If you have been injured in a fall accident, it’s to your significant advantage to retain an experienced personal injury attorney to prepare a lawsuit case and represent you in the appropriate court in your city.

The legal team of Regan Zambri Long (you can see it here: has the experience and willingness to move your process forward and help you receive the most compensation for your injuries. Without a doubt, you will have the opportunity to cancel medical bills and other expenses that may arise in the future.

Situations that cause fall accidents

When someone suffers an abrupt fall in a public place, immediate action must be taken so that a legal case can be considered and fair compensation can be obtained. Seeking the advice of an injury attorney would be paramount, as citizens rarely win cases on their own.

  • Broken ladder
  • Failure to set warning signs
  • Wet or slippery floors
  • Poor lightening
  • Exposed holes
  • Decreasing objects
  • Crowded or obstructed walkways
  • Broken railings
  • Cracked or uneven pavement
  • Ripped rugs

Fall accidents in public places

The vast majority of slips and falls are avoidable, as they are caused by multiple dangerous conditions at the scene of the incident. Most likely, these types of accidents are not your fault and you must defend yourself to obtain fair compensation.

The injuries caused by a fall in a public space can be very serious. The most common personal injuries in this regard are: broken hips, wrists or arms, back or head injuries, brain blows and even death.

The expenses resulting from an accident due to a fall in a public or open place, are the responsibility of the owner of the space or the store (without a doubt). Business owners have an obligation to keep their properties safe and in proper warning signs.

Rights after a fall accident

Falling to the ground in a public place is undoubtedly embarrassing, but more worrisome than that are the injuries people can sustain as a result. The idea to avoid these incidents is to place responsible signs that people can see and thus avoid slipping on wet floors, for example.

It’s necessary to clearly delimit the areas, in any open place, in which the integrity of the visitors is at risk: a broken counter glass, uneven floors or stairs, electrical failures in the use of the elevator, etc.

However, once the damages occur, the victims are entitled to compensation in order to cover medical and personal expenses, among which are: lifetime special care in cases of permanent disability, physical therapy and rehabilitation, medical care with specialist doctors, for pain and suffering and payment of lost wages.







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