Semi-Truck Accident Fault – What Should You Know?

When comparing car accidents with truck accidents, several differences become visible. We are talking about two vehicles with much different weights and sizes. In most cases, injuries that appear in truck accidents are more serious. It is also much more common that a fatality appears.

We should also highlight the fact that there are some strict rules that always apply to commercial vehicle drivers. At the same time, there are so many parties that could be involved in a truck accident without you even realizing this is the case. Your injuries might be more serious and proving who was at fault will be much more complex.

You can learn more about the fault in truck accident cases at this link: This should also highlight why you will most likely need the services of a truck accident attorney whenever injured in a semi-truck accident.

Who Is Liable In Semi-Truck Accidents?

Trucking companies work with several parties that could share responsibility in a semi-truck accident. Some of the most common ones that could be mentioned are presented below.

The Truck Driver

This is the obvious first potential liable party to consider. An attorney will investigate the behavior of the truck driver and whether or not federal or state laws were violated. Something as simple as a small quantity of alcohol or drugs could impair the ability of the truck driver to operate the vehicle in a safe manner. Also, not obeying traffic laws is a clear sign of fault.

The Trucking Company

When the trucking company employs the driver, it might be liable. This is because the company is required by law to make sure that drivers have all the appropriate credentials and training to operate semi-trucks. Also, the drivers need to be regularly tested for alcohol and drug use. When such obligations are not upheld, the company might be considered liable.

The Cargo Company

In situations like not securing the cargo properly or having it exposed, the cargo company can become liable because of problems like improper weight distribution during transport.

The Truck Manufacturer

When parts of the truck or the truck were defective, the truck manufacturer can be considered to be liable. For instance, when the truck accident was caused by a detective hitch, a tire blowout, or a brake failure, the manufacturer could be responsible.

Comparative Fault And Semi-Truck Accidents

There are situations in which the passenger vehicle driver shares some fault. In some US states, this is important since they use comparative fault. This practically means that you can only gain compensation if your fault is under 51%. However, in such a scenario, your recovery amount will be reduced by the percentage of fault you have.

Getting The Help You Need

As you can see, several things have to be considered when discussing semi-truck accident fault. This is why, whenever you are involved in a collision with such a large vehicle, it is vital that you work with an experienced truck accident attorney capable of analyzing absolutely everything. He will determine fault and will go after the parties that are responsible.

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