Who is Liable When my Airbags Don’t Deploy?

An airbag malfunction can happen occasionally during a car accident. Most drivers simply trust that their vehicle is equipped with safety equipment that will deploy and it will protect all occupants throughout an accident. If a vehicle gets involved in a collision and the airbags did not deploy, this often leads to  life-threatening or devastating injuries. If you are injured as a result of your car airbags failing to deploy you can seek compensation for your losses. The trustworthy car dealerships in Boise Idaho are always ready to provide any compensation required for the loss that you or your vehicle has born, in case the air bag did not work in the time of need.

You may want to consider speaking to a liability lawyer that has experience with product liability. An experienced attorney will advocate on behalf of an injured victim to identify various companies that could be negligent and to seek compensation for injured victims that have experienced accident related damages that result from the defective air bag.

Why Airbags Fail to Deploy

It’s rare for an airbag to fail to deploy but if an accident occurs with a vehicle that has a faulty airbag or under unusual conditions it’s possible that it may not deploy. Car manufacturers must strategically place sensors throughout a vehicle but there are some situations in which airbag sensors will not be triggered. If an airbag has been improperly installed or replaced, if a passenger riding near the airbag is not heavy enough to trigger the sensor or if the car is struck at a slow speed, the airbags may fail to deploy. There are also instances in which an airbag may deploy in a delayed format, it may deploy accidentally without a collision or it may deploy overly aggressively which can cause its own injury for passengers. Whether your airbags fail to deploy or you experience difficulty as a result of another type of airbag failure, it can be wise to contact a professional immediately to advocate on your behalf and determine who is liable for the damages in these accidents.

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